About Us

The Shahajoli first opened its doors in 1990 when the general idea of Indian food was a Korma for the ladies and a Madras for the gents, with an occasional Vindaloo for the brave. Since then, The Shahajoli has introduced an increasing number of authentic dishes from the Indian subcontinent and explored new styles of cooking. At Shahajoli we use only the finest ingredients and the freshest herbs and spices from around the world. We offers a fantastic cuisine from mild to very spicy dishes including our unique take on the Korma, and unique dishes such as the spicy Samina or Tandoori Mixed Grill. We are proud to present the very best of Indian cuisine.

We are an established and trusted takeaway and are renowned for producing the best Indian food in Hyndburn. Our founding aim was to strive to serve the highest quality food, and the best possible service, and we will not settle for any less.

Shahajoli was established by the Uddin Brothers and has gone from strength to strength having won the Gold Award for its outstanding achievement and contribution to the pursuit of excellent food and service in Hyndburn. Since we started out, we haven’t lost our roots and we still provide a home delivery service covering the whole of Hyndburn, Read, Hapton, Simonstone and Rising Bridge.


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